Stemmons Freeway Sign

The Stemmons Freeway Sign

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Revised 10/30/11

     The Stemmons Freeway sign first appears at Zapruder frame 133 and for 67 frames the back of the sign has no blemishes or camera artifacts.

Zapruder Frame 199

     In Zapruder frame 199 we see Phillip Willis with his camera raised up. He is about to be startled into taking a famous photograph

Photograph by Phillip Willis (Groden enhancement of Willis 5)

     This photograph corresponds to Zapruder frame 202, which takes into account the time for the sound of the shot to travel to Willis. We see Abraham Zapruder with his camera raised up. To the left of Zapruder’s right leg is a white area.

     This is the muzzle flash of a shot which is accoustically correlated to Zapruder frame 204. It actually occurred at Z200. The shot will hit the Stemmons Freeway sign at a sharp angle, around ten degrees. At Z200 a line appears on the left edge of the sign well below Kennedy’s head. There is a hint of deformation on the edge of the sign and you can see the back of a blond woman’s head (Karan Hicks).

Zapruder Frame 200

Dealey Plaza Witnesses at Zapruder Frame 150

     In Zapruder frame 201 the line disappears and I have no explanation for that.

Zapruder Frame 201

     In Zapruder frame 202 the line has extended to the right and the hint of deformation on the edge of the sign is stronger.

Zapruder Frame 202

     Zapruder frame 203 is blurred; the line is less distinct but there is a shock wave pattern of discoloration radiating out from the line


Zapruder Frame 203

     Zapruder frame 204 is the clearest indication of a stress mark. The line runs from the edge of the sign to the sign post and there is a clear discoloration pattern from the shock wave. Karan Hicks has turned around to look at the sign.


Zapruder Frame 204

     In Zapruder frame 205 debris fragments are flying away from the sign.


Zapruder Frame 205

     In Zapruder frame 206 the line and the discoloration are still clear, but by Z207 the clarity is lost and in Z208 the line is out of frame.


                      Zapruder Frame 206                                         Zapruder Frame 207 

     Zapruder frame 207 is the first of six frames that were damaged by a technician at Life magazine.

Zapruder Frame 208

     From Z207 until Z229 there are lines of debris on the back of the sign and in the air near the sign.

Zapruder Frame 213

     By Zapruder frame 230 the back of the sign has cleared up but the original mark is out of frame.

Zapruder Frame 230


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